Bitcoin Main VS Bitcoin Limitless, The Fight Rages On! – Roger Ver Interview

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Right now we have Roger Ver also known as ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ from here on the display, as the discussion pertaining to Bitcoin’s scaling answer rages on concerning Main and Limitless Roger is here to convey to us why Unlimited’s vision for Bitcoin is the a lot more best preference.
Roger also describes why Bitcoins safety is no lengthier as sturdy as it once was and why altcoins are escalating at this sort of an accelerated rate.

Matters IN THIS Interview:
01:05 Roger’s Problems with Bitcoin’s Long run
05:10 Are consumers content with Segregated Witness?
05:forty five Main would like superior fees
06:40 What Happens if there are Two Bitcoins?
07:30 Ethereum Tricky Fork
09:20 Do consumers however preserve their Bitcoin immediately after a Tricky Fork
11:10 Bitcoin Main or Limitless
thirteen:10 roger and Limitless
14:40 Is Bitcoin’s Security Compromised?
seventeen:10 Roger’s Favorite Options!
19:00 Closing feelings on Bitcoin